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Initiate the retention process when the person is still in love with the organisation not when they are fed up and ready to leave.

Research Partners Retention Outsourcing

Research Partners Retention conducts stay interviews for your business.

As a neutral third party, we help facilitate these conversations that can be held in one of two ways

– Offering your employees anonymity, in situations where it may be beneficial for them to feel that they have a safe space to be truly candid with their answers.

– Alternatively we can provide a customised solution based on individual employee conversations so that the business can hear why each person chooses to stay or go.

Data provided will allow you to make a positive and lasting impact on your business by improving engagement, retention and fostering a positive and more productive work environment.

Data provided will allow you to make a positive and lasting impact on your business by fostering a positive and more productive work environment.


  • Global capability to ensure a uniform approach across multiple regions
  • Bring information that can be used today
  • Keep anonymity in relevant situations to ensure that employees can be candid with their answers
  • Give insights for engaging and retaining individual employees – including top performers, millennials, C-Suite, diverse talent
  • Interview and solutions happen quickly in real time

When to Use Stay Interviews

 Stay interviews enable employers to understand employees’ expectations to improve retention rates. Additionally, stay interviews show employees that they are valued, as the interview is about learning what is important to them in order to stay at the organisation.

How do you determine who receives a stay interview?

This depends entirely on the organization and the insight they wish to unlock. One of the obvious answers to determining who receives a retention interview are teams with a high turnover rate.

It is important to find out the reasons behind the high turnover to curate solutions and solve this problem. Organizations often target the following employees for stay interviews:

  • Teams with a high turnover rate
  • Underperforming teams
  • Diverse employees (gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation)
  • Positions that are difficult to replace
  • Millennials
  • C-Suite

Turn Insight into Action – What to do After the Interview

Retention interviews are only beneficial when action is taken based on the data that has been collected. It is counteractive to ask for employee feedback and then do nothing with it as this may lead to distrust and dissatisfaction.

The first step is to evaluate the interview. We do this by assessing

-The quality and quantity of interviewees’ answers.

-The individual’s body language and which issues they focused on the most. Based on your requirements we have the option to

– Link the data to the job function rather than the individual to ensure that the data is unbiased and anonymous.

– Customise the data based on individual employee conversations so that the business can hear why each person stays or may choose to go.

– We then develop a ranking system to determine the risk level of the team or the department as a whole.

– Provide a full department overview of the feedback we have received, the team ranking, and potential solutions to problems brought up by the team.

Benefits of Outsourcing

True anonymity: As a third-party, we foster trust with your employees. We don’t share specifics on employees. We take a pulse on the entire department instead of just the individual.

More meaningful data: As an impartial facilitator, we create a safe space for your employees so they share their honest feedback and experiences.

Consistency: A uniform process allows for the most accurate and impactful data to be collected.

Expertise: Our experienced team can advise on which interview questions will work best for you and your business.

Data presentation: Our data analysts will interpret the data collected and present it concisely, focusing on areas that will create the most impact.

Savings: You save money, resources and time by having all interviews conducted in one place.

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