Case Study - Diversity Recruiting


Research Partners was asked to support a major global payments business with a talent pipelining campaign focusing on identifying female full stack software engineering talent for their San Francisco Bay Area engineering teams.

Our role was to initially map the San Francisco Bay Area market and upon review of our data, we moved to the second phase of our service, which involved active engagement of the candidates with a focus on assessing their interest in our client’s brand, motivations, time frames and mobility for a move.

In addition to utilizing classic search methodologies in order to find candidates in this specific market segment, we also focused our recruiting efforts on places where women are easily reached. We researched relevant women’s organisations, regional networks and women’s employment websites.

By working closely with our client to produce the correct messaging to target female candidates, as well as providing regular updates and market feedback, Research Partners was able to build a solid talent pool of over 120 candidates that met our client’s requirements and 10 candidates were interested to engage with our client at the time of the search.


We had a small pool of female engineering talent who we regularly engage with and who are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We tapped into this pool for referrals, industry insight and sourcing around best outreach approach into this particular technology segment and region.

Since diversity-focused campaigns are such a large part of our business, with approximately 75% of projects having a gender or ethnicity focus, we were able to utilise our significant experience to capture talented full stack female engineers in this industry segment.

  • Service Diversity Focused Talent Pipelining
  • Functions Female full stack software engineers
  • Sector Payments
  • Location Bay Area, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Talent Pool 400 candidates